SIS Africa

Why SIS Africa

The SIS Global Group of Companies identified an opportunity in the African market to meet a growing need for up-skilling and knowledge sharing within the Microsoft community. While the choice of solution is of course very important – delivery of expertise, industry and local knowledge are equally critical.

Large businesses and enterprises require a partner, be it a Microsoft Dynamics Partner or simply a technical provider, that ticks all the boxes and that includes the ability to deliver across their entire organisation. There are many outstanding local Microsoft Partners in Africa that find it difficult to compete for such opportunities because they simply do not meet all the requirements and/or lack the experience in dealing with such enterprises and projects. Additionally, many clients require a partner with global coverage, which these Partners simply do not have. Of course local Partners in Africa can source partners in other countries, however developing partnerships and the necessary commercial agreements require a great deal of time and money not to mention trust, which is often a hindering factor for African businesses.

SIS Africa was developed to address these challenges, while aiming to help its members win more business, to increase the size of their projects and to improve their skills and solution offerings. By working together to achieve success, SIS Africa aims to become recognised by Microsoft as the African partner of excellence and choice for Microsoft Dynamic Solutions.

Being an SIS Africa member will afford you the support structure that you require in both skills and staffing to pursue the projects you wish to secure. Additionally, it will also give you the leverage you need to pursue those business opportunities that were previously out of reach. Each SIS Africa member works as an extension of each other’s business with the ultimate objective being that we provide world class Microsoft Dynamics Solutions with the professionalism as expected of a Microsoft Partner.