SIS Africa

Become a member

Application Criteria

Companies who wish to apply for the membership of SIS Africa need to comply with the following criteria:

Must be a certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

  1. Have at least 3 years’ experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions
  2. Be able to provide at least 5 credible references and be prepared to have them on the SIS Africa website
  3. Be one of the leading Microsoft Dynamic resellers in your respective country or geographical region
  4. Be open and transparent about the level of expertise in your business as well as your vertical preferences. You must also be prepared to share this knowledge and other information to the benefit of the other SIS Africa members
  5. Agree to promote SIS Africa actively in your country to create leads for both your own business as well as other SIS Africa members
  6. Be prepared to complete the New Member Application Form. Be able to attend an interview with the SIS Africa Management Committee should you meet the application criteria
  7. If successful with your application you must be prepared to sign the SIS Africa Contract and adhere to the terms and conditions therein.
  8. Be able to pay the annual fee promptly 

Application Procedure

Complete the New Member Application Form, and submit to

  1. The SIS Africa Management Committee will review your application.
  2. If your company meets the application criteria, you will be invited to attend an interview, during which time the SIS Africa Management Committee will review your application in detail
  3. If your application is successful, and assuming you still wish to be a part of the SIS Africa Alliance, all contractual and legal issues will be addressed with you.
  4. After you have signed the contract and you have paid your annual membership fee you will officially be an SIS Africa member and you will be provided will all relevant information and promotional material.