SIS Africa

SIS Africa is an alliance founded by the SIS Global Group of Companies. Launched in 2012, SIS Africa enables Microsoft Dynamics Partners in Africa to work together to secure large local and international projects by delivering business solutions and projects that are based on shared skills and solutions. As a member of AxPact and CRMPact, SIS Global has powerful local and global reach, which it uses to leverage partnerships and promote SIS Africa as a formidable African Affiliate. SIS Africa has been developed using the same principles and business model as SIS Global, an approach which has proven successful over the past 2 decades and which has seen SIS Global become one of the top Microsoft Partners year-on-year since 2006.

Our respective country members have all gone through a strict entry and operational selection process, so you can rest assured that if you choose SIS Africa you are in safe hands. Our members are all proven in their respective fields and are supported by a team of other qualified partners, on which they can leverage experience, industry best practice and knowledge. At SIS Africa we all have the same goal and working together to achieve success is paramount. We’re all about creating Microsoft Dynamics Opportunities in Africa and ensuring that any Microsoft Dynamics project we undertake is delivered to the highest standards, maximising return on investment and ensuring minimum risks.